About Top Quality

Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry is a northwest Iowa-based company specializing in residential construction and cabinetry. Top Quality prides itself on quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Our History

Blaine De Groot started Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry in January 2014 after his current employer, Quality Cabinet Shop and Construction, announced his retirement. Prior to the official start of Top Quality, Blaine had 13 years of experience in the construction and cabinetry trade. In that time, he built many new homes as part of a small crew, managed construction job sites, and designed and built several new homes with minimal supervision, including his own personal home. In Fall 2014, Top Quality built a new shop and warehouse so it could better serve its customers.

The Difference

he difference is in the details. Top Quality puts extra time and energy into every project to make sure things are done the right way. Whether it’s adjusting an exterior door to ensure a proper seal or scribing a cabinet or piece of trim for a perfect fit, we go the extra mile to make sure your projects meet the highest standards. Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry will take your ideas from design to completion. We do most of the work ourselves, using minimal subcontractors. This simplifies the process for you, as there is only one person you need to communicate with. It also ensures that the work is being done right and in a timely manner. We want you to enjoy the process and your project after completion, with zero worries about cut corners or callbacks for uncompleted work.

Our cabinetry is where the details really show. We use only the best materials in our cabinetry. Our cabinet boxes are made of ¾” plywood, giving you better strength and durability than melamine and other cheaper materials. We miter all of our face frames, which give you a seamless look between the front and sides of your cabinets. Top Quality uses the best hardware on the market, and makes most of its own drawer and cabinet inserts. We give you the opportunity to let your imagination go wild. All cabinets are finished inside and out, giving you a rich look whether your doors and drawers are closed or standing wide open. The finish on the inside also gives you a smooth-to-the-touch feel, as well as great durability and wear.


Let Top Quality Construction & Cabinetry take your project from design to completion so we can prove to you that the difference is all in the details.